Cold Steel is a Ventura, California-based marketer of knives, swords and other edged weapons and tools. Cold Steel was founded in 1980 by company president, Lynn C. Thompson. Its products are manufactured in various countries including Japan, Taiwan, China and India.
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Cold Steel Logo

Cold Steel's products include fixed blade knives, folding knives, swords, machetes, tomahawks, kukris, blowguns, walking sticks, and other martial arts related items.

Many of their knives are also made using VG-1 Stainless Steel,4116 Krupp Stainless Steel, 1055 Carbon Steel, SK-5 High Carbon Steel, and AUS 8A Stainless Steel.


Cold Steel is also known for its marketing videos and DVDs. These presentations demonstrate their products. Featured tests include piercing car hoods, using folding knives as monkey bars, slicing through large free-hanging pieces of meat and bone, and shearing free hanging rope with a single stroke. Cold Steel has also partnered with custom Knifemakers such as Andrew Demko, Phil Boguszewski, and Lloyd Pendleton on certain designs.


Cold Steel produces a line of weapons under the Special Projects name such as Spetsnaz type shovels, sjamboks, and spears. Additionally a line of tomahawks, axes, and hammers is marketed under the name of The American Tomahawk Company .

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